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"I took my first TbKO class over 2 years ago and I fell in love! Christa, Kathleen, and Bekah are the BEST instructors and I have learned so much from them! They offer other great classes in strength, Tabata, name it, they can put it in a class for you. I will turn 50 years old this October and I’ve never been in better shape. This class has built up my strength and my endurance and I feel so good. I encourage anyone looking to get in shape, get stronger, or even build up some self-confidence, to take these classes from these women. They truly love fitness and helping others get to being their best!"

Pam Watkins,

Spring Hill, TN

"TbKO is an answered prayer for me during quarantine. It tremendously helped me to beat the stress at home while doing remote learning with my two boys and working at the same . Every morning I look forward to start my day with Christa, Bekah and Kathleen . There is joy that radiates from my heart and unbelievably I have the energy the whole day. The sweat is unbeatable,I learned to push my self harder everyday and before I knew it , one hour is done. I just love the TbKO format from warm up to cool down. The feeling of victory after each workout is unreplaceable. I am stronger ... I am better ... I am happy because of TbKO. Lastly.... I found a fitness family .A family that supports each other. A family that motivates each other . I may be hundreds of miles away from them ... but TbKO brought me close to my first home.... Spring Hill Tn. I can’t find words to thank Christa,Bekah and Kathleen for sharing their gifts to us. I hope you will find the same treasure I found with this group."

Razel Saralde,

Roanoke, Texas


"When the gyms shut down in Connecticut (CT), our tight group of friends was adrift in a fitness void. Christa, Kathleen and Bekah (CKB) threw us a virtual lifeline by allowing us to join their amazing online TbKO classes. They’ve lifted us up not only physically but mentally by always providing incredibly challenging and fun workouts, with the most impeccable form and technique. TbKO is a perfect balance of cardio, weights and toning. With every TbKO workout, even though we were hundreds of miles away, CKB’s energy and attitude made us feel as if we were physically there with them and part of their incredible team. CKB gave us something to look forward to everyday and we cannot get enough of TKO. Not to mention looking forward to your crazy holiday outfits. Bottom line is CT loves TbKO with CKB! Nothing Better!"

Paul Kelly
& crew

"I had caught the TbKO bug by these infectious ladies long before the global pandemic shut down the world. In fact, my fitness journey would likely look quite different if I hadn’t been introduced to these ladies. Fully inspired after my first live class, I started setting new fitness goals, for myself..... not only for my own personal weight loss, but I also set my sights on one day emulating Christa, Kathleen, and Bekah and getting my group fitness certification and teaching TbKO, one day. With their amazing support and technique tips, I was able to do that and began co-teaching with another fitness friend, Shakari Russell who also has an amazing fitness journey story....... but, then the world closed bc of Covid-19. As we all scrambled to figure out how to keep our fitness going strong, Christa, Kathleen, and Bekah- came together and blessed so many, by continuing to give classes- 6 days a week. They kept almost 600 member’s: physically, mentally, and emotionally fit. Not only did they do that, but they did that, virtually and still somehow made everyone feel like they were and are truly part of a TEAM. So thankful for this format and their leadership and inspiration and motivation."

Morgan Hayes

Spring Hill, TN


Seymour, Connecticut


"The livestream of TbKO has been an absolute blessing while Covid has kept us home. While I would normally be at the gym multiple times a week, this has given me an opportunity to continue to sweat, de stress, and make gains towards my fitness goals. I have actually lost weight during this time at home- making no changes other than doing TKO/kickboxing more times per week than I usually would. The instructors are so encouraging, uplifting, and INSPIRING- plus they keep me laughing throughout the workout! I look forward to working out with Bekah, Christa, and Kathleen EVERY day!!"

Leah Reese

Spring Hill, TN

"TbKO has been one of my favorite classes! It’s a perfect mixture of cardio and strength for an awesome calorie burn! The incredible team atmosphere, from both the instructors and participants, always drives me to work harder. Being able to continue the classes at home during the pandemic has been a true life saver for me. It’s kept me motivated and helped me feel more connected to the outside world. I truly can’t say enough good things about TbKO and the awesome instructors."

Shelby Bonney

Spring Hill, TN



"Almost 3 months ago our country started to shut down. Restaurants, salons, gyms. My sister Kathleen was telling me all about these TbKO workouts that her and her friends Bekah and Christa were starting up and had been doing for some time.  I gave it a try, and after the first day I WAS HOOKED. I loved the energy, the motivation and the love these ladies, Kathleen, Bekah and Christa, we’re giving to all of us on LIVE STREAM. Even if you're not there you feet like you are. It's one of the best workouts you will ever get. I have lost inches in my waist, and hips and I am stronger today than I was 3 months ago.  I am honored and so blessed that I am able to do these amazing workouts on a daily basis whether it’s live or later in the day.  That’s the beauty of this! If you can’t make the live workout you can always go back and do it at a later time.  I'm looking forward to subscribing every month!"

Carey Gillilan,

Fletcher, Vermont

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