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Welcome to CKB Fitness and


Totalbody KnockOut

with Christa, Kathleen & Bekah

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CKB Fitness brings you Totalbody KnockOut, an online fitness platform with weekly workout plans and monthly NEW RELEASE workouts.  Our growing fitness catalogs are arranged in 4 fitness formats by year.

For VIP Members, each week you will find 5+ workout videos that you can follow for the week!  These videos will take you through all of our formats providing you with great fitness and a plan to follow each week.  Pull from the New Release Catalog or any of our fitness format catalogs organized by year to supplement or add on to get a full 7 day plan!

Each month we will drop our NEW RELEASE workouts in the New Release catalog.  Be sure to check your email as we will notify you when we drop these NEW RELEASE WORKOUTS!  They will remain in this catalog for the month and will then be placed in their corresponding catalogs organized by year and format, so you will always have access to all of the workouts on the site with your VIP membership.

Our signature format! 3 rounds of CardioKickBoxing, HIIT and Strength

Strength training with weights, resistance bands and body weight exercises

A mix of tabata strength and cardiokickboxing exercises

A SURPRISE!  Each class is created, blended & different each time!  

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